BEGINNER GOLF TIP – Learn The Golf Swing Fast

Over the years I have seen countless beginner golf swings. The problem that most beginners have is that they although they want to learn the golf swing fast they just end up whacking at the ball with the arms. In doing so, they do not look like a better player and they end up hitting poor shots.

This beginner golf tip gives you 4 simple positions to check as you swing. These 4 positions will allow you to build a great backswing and follow through which will get you looking like a better player and allow you to learn the golf swing fast.

Better players have the right golf swing fundamentals. So if you don’t look like them as you swing, you don’t have them. For the sake of learning these 4 things you can dramatically change your swing then apply this swing to the ball.

For beginners learning the golf swing this is a super fast way to hit amazing shots. Once you do, you will want to keep playing this game forever.

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