The New GOLF SWING on the PGA TOUR! – Changing the Game!

The New Golf Swing changing the Game forever! – Can Senior Golfer’s Do It?
• The PGA Modern Golf Swing vs The Legends of Golf! – Which Golf Swing Technique Is better!
• The NEW SWING on Tour!
• The Senior Golf Swing!
Which Golf Swing Is best for you?

The New Golf Swing changing the Game forever! – PGA Instructor Craig Hanson shares with you a incredible video that you will never forget. The modern day swing thats taking the World by storm!

• Improving Distance + Accuracy
• More speed better Compression
• Freewheeling through Impact

• World 🌎 Class Golf Instruction
• Online Lessons and 1000 Instructional Videos and Series!
• Dr Robert J Neal and ( Worlds Leading Biomechanics Golf Instructor) and Craig Hanson combine to give you the most comprehensive golf Instruction available

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○ The Golf Swing is so much easier when you know this! –
○ Turning “Mr Average” into a ball striker –
○ Golfers That Flip At Impact! – The Move Nobody Knows! –
○ What millions of Golfers truly Believe! –
○ Tony Finau – Hidden Moves of a Great Ball Striker! –

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I grew up playing golf in Australia and played professionally on the tour for over 8 years. I won 14 professional tournaments and have played professional golf throughout the world. I have played several times in the Australian Open the Australian PGA Championship and Australian Masters Championships and have had several top 3 finishes in State Open Professional Championships. I have been fortunate enough to meet and play with and teach some of the great players in world golf.

I have given over 40,000 lessons internationally and speak fluent German. I have worked and taught Golf throughout the world.
Through a combination of relentless self-study and the information that has been bestowed upon me from the many of the best players and coaches in the World. I have been able to create one of the worlds leading instructional platforms – World 🌎 Class Golf Instruction. has over 1000 videos and more than 60 separate series. It’s helping countless players play better golf.
You can relax in the knowledge that you are receiving great information. One of the secrets to improvement lies in the application of great information. Join me on the journey to better golf more fun and reaching your potential.


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