This Drill Makes the Golf Swing SO EASY – Get PERFECT Ball Striking in Just 1 Minute

Do this golf tip for 1 minute to get the best golf ball striking of your life. It doesn’t get any easier or better than this. This really simple golf tip is the key to an easy golf swing that hits the ball high, far, and straight. I created this super easy drill to help you feel a powerful and consistent golf swing that gets you to feel buttery, crispy contact on the club face.

There’s too many golf swing benefits to list here. This drill fixes almost every golf swing problem you can think of, and it works for golfers of all ages and skill levels. Just the other day a 75 year old golfer did this in a golf lesson and immediately experienced hitting the ball 20 yards farther and much straighter while swinging the golf club nice and easy. So this is also a key to having an easy, body-friendly golf swing.

By doing this simple golf tip and feel for just 1 minute a day, you are going to see huge benefits to your golf swing and ball striking.

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0:00 Intro
0:21 The Big Golf Swing Problem
0:45 The Fix
0:58 Your Shoulders – The Key to a Great Golf Swing
2:00 First – Do this Drill
3:26 Next – Do this Drill with a Golf Club
4:02 Next – Build Your Full Swing
5:02 Next Build Your Full Swing with a Golf Club
6:00 The Downswing
7:23 Follow Through for Massive Club Head Speed
9:01 The Follow Through from the Front View
10:26 This Golf Tip Fixes Everything
10:56 Shoulders Back and Shoulders Through
11:35 Lesson Recap

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my instructional page where you can find how to get on the fast track to improving your golfing abilities. Whether you are a seasoned golfing veteran looking for a quick swing tune-up after an on-course emergency, or a beginner just looking to get the most out of your golfing experience, I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing doctor is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My philosophy is wholly based on the student having a fun, meaningful experience in a frustrating and complicated game where potential lifelong golfers either quit because it is too difficult or that they experience some form of swing-related pain or discomfort. I mitigate these problems by focusing entirely on the student’s needs and goals while teaching a golf swing method that ultimately takes stress off of the common pain areas of the swing.

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