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When golfers of any playing level wish to produce peak speeds consistently in their swings, they’re going to be using one of the three torques (methods of twisting) to achieve such results. The one of three torques (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)can be seen in nearly every golf swing on the PGA Tour, with Bryson Dechambeau being the most obvious example of Alpha Torque currently in the game.

Golfers familiar with the Bryson Dechambeau swing style will notice the Alpha torque engage immediately as Bryson moves his club down from the top of his backswing, with his left arm parallel to the ground. As Dechambeau unhinges his wrists parallel to the direction his clubhead travels, he also extends his right arm simultaneously.

Shorter golfers that have difficulties generated consistent clubhead speed should consider adopting the Bryson Dechambeau swing as a means to inject Alpha Torque, which will change the angle between their arms and the club into an I shape rather than an L shape.

Players who are familiar with Sergio Garcia or Rickie Fowler will recognize Beta torque in their golf swings. As Beta Torque sets the club in the correct position as it relates to the body during our downswing, such a technique can be clearly identified while watching the typical Sergio Garcia golf swing or Rickie Fowler swing.

Sergio Garcia’s golf swing exhibits Beta Torque as he moves the golf club into a flatter positioning as he reaches the halfway point of his downswing. For players that are plagued by over the top or steeper swings, their focus should be adding Beta Torque to their existing swing.

In PGA Tour level downswings, like those found in Rickie Fowler’s swing, a player’s lower body maneuvers, triggering the upper body to turn and push into their left arm, causing their golf club into a horizontal, flatter positioning. Once in this position, golfers can turn hard and utilize their right side to generate additional speed. When their hands move closer to their body at impact, as seen in many Sergio Garcia golf swings, their club will whip in line with their left arm, effectively supercharging their swings in the same way many PGA Tour players do to add extra yards.

Me and my golf students understand the importance of choosing the right torque that best suits their body and overall ability on the course. Through some of the golf drills found in this lesson, players will be able to easily identify which torque works best for their style and how to readily apply the adjustments the next time they pick up a club. Me and my golf students understand the importance of repetitious speed production in the clubhead, and how doing so further guarantees a solid swing that consistently delivers accuracy and distance every time you step onto the course.

00:00 Stop Overthinking Your Golf Swing
00:36 3 Torques to Your Golf Swing
00:53 Alpha Torque Explained
01:12 Bryson Dechambeau Style
01:22 Beta Torque Ricky Fowler – Sergio Garcia Style
01:47 Unhinging Your Wrists on Downswing
03:08 Understanding Gamma Torque
04:14 Golf Bag Swing Drill
05:44 Take a Lesson with Paul Gorman

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