The No Hand Manipulation Golf Swing


The golf swing can be made to be so complicated, but when you look at it through 
fresh eyes you see a couple of things.

First, the golf swing is a combination between your big muscles, e.g. legs, hips and 
shoulders, and your smaller muscles, e.g. arms and hands.

The problem most golfers have is synchronizing their arms and hands with the rest 
of the body.  Recently I talked about the different roles your hands should play in the
golf swing.  But when your body is out of sync with your hands then you will struggle
with ball striking consistency, because you have to manipulate the golf club with your hands.

So what about this…

What if you could have one part of your body control your entire swing and have your 
arms and hands simply go along for the ride? Or in other words, your arms and hands 
NOT manipulating the club at all during the hitting area. Look at this picture of Ben 
Hogan past impact…

Ben Hogan Golf Swing

See how his upper arms appear to be stuck to his side as he’s swinging through the ball, 
and how his arms are not rolling over or being manipulated in anyway?

That is a no hand-manipulation swing.  The left hand is directing things and the right 
hand is providing the power BUT they are both working together, and in perfect harmony 
with the body.

It’s very simple for you to be able to do that too, when you find out the key body move 
that Ben Hogan used to power his entire golf swing so he didn’t have to rely on his hands 
to hit shots.  

Here’s what a few people have had to say after getting the Stress Free Golf Swing and using it…

“Hi Jeff, I have used the stress free golf swing for several months now 
& it has improved my overall ball striking and contact. My handicap has 
dropped several shots since purchasing the program. Regards, Mark Brownlow”

“With this  swing it does exactly what I am seeking for. it is very easy 
to use  all my shots fly straight as an arrow.  Fran.” 

“Jeff, Have enjoyed Stress-Free Golf Swing it has helped me get my 
handicap down from 21 to 15. I have been a more consistent striker 
of the ball reducing the slice/fade considerably. I now have better 
swing thoughts than before instead of being baffled by the immense 
conflicting knowledge on the internet.  Many thanks keep the good 
work up!  
Paul Murray”

“Hi Jeff, I’ve enjoyed the simplicity of the stress-free golf swing. It’s 
single swing thought approach gives me confidence standing over the 
ball, and my GIR Stat has improved significantly since I started working 
with it. 
Richard Moffatt”

“Hi Jeff, Since implementing Hogan’s move, not only has my ball striking 
improved, but my handicap is down 8 strokes too! The “big miss” is pretty 
rare anymore and the score card (and betting chips) show it off. Thanks for 
sharing your findings with us. This little change had a much bigger impact 
on my swing, and scoring game, then several other programs and books 
that are now collecting dust on my shelf. 
Thanks again! 
Tory Nelson, CO”

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For Consistent Golf,

Jeff Richmond

P.S. Imagine how consistent you could be if your pesky hands didn’t ruin everything 
in your swing.

Instead, what if you you used your more reliable bigger muscles to power the swing. Learn how to do this now with one secret move Ben Hogan discovered and took to his grave.

P.P.S.  The only way you’re going to improve your ball striking is to do something
different.  And when you get The Stress-Free Golf Swing you’ll find the secret 
Hogan move is probably the complete opposite of what you’re currently doing, 
and that’s exciting.  

Here’s what one golfer had to say after getting this newly updated Stress-Free
Golf Swing…

“Hey Jeff,

Received your email regarding your new updated version of the stress free golf 
swing. As some of your customers have stated in their reviews, I personally 
purchased your ebook as I was interested to see what you had discovered 
regarding Hogans “secret” move. I have read Mr. Hogan’s book a number of 
times (obviously not closely enough) and couldn’t distinguish a move that 
would have been any different than current teaching. That is until I read your 
book and watched the videos. At that point it made a lot of sense. At your 
recommendation I read the entire book before I tried to incorporate what you 
had discovered. As you so accurately mention, change takes some practice, 
faith and trust. Anyway, to get to the point, would try the move while playing 
hit some bad shots, go back to the old school ways and get frustrated. Towards 
the end of the golf season (late August / early September.As I write this on 
October 17th, there’s snow on the ground) I started to seriously work at 
incorporating this move. The first thing that I noticed was that I seldom 
missed the sweet spot on my clubs and the ball went exactly where I was 
aiming. The bad shots or miss hits were no longer a distance robbing banana 
ball but rather a usable fade. More importantly, the ball exploded off the club 
face like it had been shot from a rifle. Currently working on the drills that you 
outline and I’m looking forward to spring and the opportunity to get back out 
on the coarse. Oh yeah, almost forgot, trying to consistently use the move to 
my scores went from 88-90 down to low 80’s(best round 81). Thanks for an 
opportunity to pick up your original book and I look forward to being able to 
pick up your new updated version of the Stress-Free Golf Swing. A snow bound 
Canadian golfer in Saskatchewan.


Mel Hart.”

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