Junior Golf Lesson – Backswing Plane Drills & Hip Rotation

In this junior golf lesson Adam Porzak teaches top junior golfer Ben how to have a better take away and sequence to be more on plane in the backswing. Then Adam helps Ben with more hip rotation on the downswing to get the path more left. Grab 3 Free Videos To Gain Distance Now – http://bit.ly/PorzakFreeVids

We give golf lessons in San Diego, and we work with a lot of our students to get in the proper position at the top of their backswing. Lots of great information in this golf lesson to help you understand what the proper take away is, how to be on plane, and where to be at the top of the backswing. These golf tips and drills will definitely help you.

If you are ever in San Diego, we would love for you to come by for a lesson and experience the beautiful Bernardo Heights CC.

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