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You don’t need much equipment to get stronger and start generating more power in your swing. Now that Prime Day is here, there’s no better time to grab the items you need to have a killer workout from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking to get golf-fit in the off season with one of our many follow-along programs from the Golf Digest Schools Library, or just want to do a quick workout on your own, these items will help you get the most out of your at-home workouts.

Fitbit Sense Smartwatch:
This revolutionary smartwatch from Fitbit not only tracks your workouts and sleep patterns, but it also has a biosensor core that helps you manage your stress, monitor your heart and temperature. The built-in GPS function makes it easy to workout hands-free and leave your phone at home. Plus, the long battery life, up to six days, and sleek design make it the perfect watch for everyday wear.
$329.95 | GET IT NOW

AmazonBasics Foam Roller:
High-density foam rollers, like this one from AmazonBasics, are a great option if you’re looking for something that’s more concentrated. Because it’s lightweight, this is also great for travel or foam rolling on the go.
$10.49 | GET IT NOW

GoFit Muscle Massage Hook:
Looking for a better way to massage the hard-to-reach muscles on your back? This massage hook from GoFit is a great way to relieve the stiffness and soreness most of us face from prolonged sitting and poor posture.
$35.24 | GET IT NOW

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun:
OPOVE’s M3 massage gun is arguably the best deal from Amazon’s Prime Day. With four different attachments and speed settings, this is the holy grail for relieving sore muscles. The deep tissue massager will help you improve your range of motion, promote circulation and accelerate your recovery.
$199.99 | GET IT NOW

PIDO Yoga Mat:
This exercise mat is the perfect addition to any home gym—even if you don’t do yoga. The non-slip design makes it easier to complete basic floor workouts while providing your back, wrists and knees with a light cushion. If you don’t already have an exercise mat, grab this, your body will thank you.
$26.99 | GET IT NOW

YUNMAI Yoga Blocks:
Yoga blocks are great for stretching, mobility and strength training. Plus, they’re easy to clean and travel with because of their compact and lightweight design. It’s a simple upgrade to make your home gym feel a little more professional.
$17 | GET IT NOW

Gonex Exercise Ball:
Not only do exercise balls make a great alternative to your normal office chair, but they’re also great for training a strong and stable core. They can also help with spine health and balance—all of which are important keys to a better golf swing.
$16.99 | GET IT NOW

Fit Simplify Mini Bands:
Take your workout to the next level with these mini resistance bands from Fit Simply. These bands are versatile and ultra-portable, making them a staple for any good home gym or quick pre-round warm up at the course.
$9.95 | GET IT NOW

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball:
This med-ball from Amazon Basics is designed to perform just like a classic medicine ball. The sturdy rubber construction makes it easy to bounce off hard surfaces and is perfect for the regular exercises you usually do at the gym. Plus, with seven different weight options, you can find the medicine ball that’s right for your workout.
$34.99 | GET IT NOW

SUNPOW Resistance Bands:
Similar to the mini bands, these resistance bands from SUNPOW can take any strength workout to the next level. Use them to assist you on pull-ups or add resistance to squats and push-ups. The variable resistance levels make it easy to customize your workout and you can take them just about anywhere.
$21.99 | GET IT NOW

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair:
If you like to use free weights in your regular workout and want to add them to your home gym setup, this basic and adjustable dumbbell/barbell combo has a ton of utility. Whether you’re limited on space or just don’t want a lot of workout equipment lying around, this free weight set is compact and easy to use, making it an A+ option.
$199.99 | GET IT NOW

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