CADDYSHACK Golf Tips – Carl Spackler (How to Stop Rolling Hands in the Takeaway)


CADDYSHACK Golf Tips Edition featuring Carl Spackler showing us How to Stop Rolling the Hands in the Takeaway. In this Caddyshack golf tips episode, we take a look at how to eliminate the golf swing problem of rolling the hands in the takeaway. (THIS IS A REAL GOLF SWING FIX – THIS IS NOT A JOKE….though laughs are encouraged). This episode WILL FIX your golf swing problem of rolling the hands in the takeaway.

The takeaway is the first 3 feet of the golf swing. In this first 3 feet, you can literally determine how your golf swing is going to pan out – GOOD or BAD. This is why it is critical to have a good takeaway. If you get your golf swing off to a good start, you greatly increase the chances of you hitting a GREAT GOLF SHOT!

Rolling the hands in the takeaway is a HUGE golf swing problem. It disconnects your arms from your body and also causes you to lift your arms in the swing and come over the top in the downswing. It’s not wonder why so many amateur golfers struggle with over the top – most of them ROLL THEIR HANDS in the golf swing.


This Caddyshack themed golf tip takes one from the legendary Carl Spackler on How to Stop Rolling Your Hands in the Golf Swing Takeaway.

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