My First Online Golf Lesson | How does it work?

So I got my first online lesson. I was fortunate enough to receive one month free from the Champ93 Online Golf Academy (

I have to say that so far I’m working on the first drill and it’s going really really well.

For the most part, like my instructor mentioned on the phone, this is really helping me with consistency. I have noticed that my ball flight starts to be very consistent when I take the club more outside on my takeaway.

It’s not easy to implement a swing change, but this is something I was already working on so thanks to the video analysis I was able to really see my flaw and it motivates me to change.

Below are the details of the Golf Academy, make sure to check them out.

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Their website is

My gear:
Flightscope mevo ▶
Video editing Macbook Air ▶
Videos recorded with Iphone XR ▶
GST – 5 GL swing radar ▶
Tablet used for mevo app ▶

My backyard setup:
Type of grass in my green ▶
Golf net ▶
Golf mat ▶
Real feel mat ▶
Wiffle balls ▶
Swinguide ▶
Dimpled foam balls ▶
Yellow foam balls ▶



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